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Midgules Desipure A2 Ghee 700g

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Midgules Desipure Ghee is prepared by traditional Vedic method. We have test reports of NAFARI & FHHL Lab.If any one want to visit our farm to check traceability, we are ready.

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We have our own desi cow farm for producing milk. We are not collecting milk from outside VendorWe prepare ghee by Traditional Vedic Method, Culturing fresh whole milk i.e. Churned from whole curdFodder of cow also grown organically in our own farms. So our cow are healthyAny Customer can visit our farm at any time. To Plan farm visit please contact usGood Source of Naturally available of Vit. A, Sodium, Calcium,etcLow Cholesterol i.e. 100mg/100g of gheeOur vision is to serve poison free food to peoples as much as possible. We all are well settled in our respective field.Currently Monthly 50 Kgs only and Increasing continuously. Because producing pure and natural is not that easyTeam of Highly qualified Agriculture GraduateComplete Product is developed naturally by traditional Vedic practices, so no Side EffectWe tests frequently our products at NAFARI & FHHL, if required will give you reports

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